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Visiting Dubbo Zoo – Inland Drive

In Australia you can find the Taronga Western Plains Zoo which because it is in the town of Dubbo is often referred to as the Dubbo Zoo. This is not your “normal” zoo where animals are kept caged and can only move within the small peripheries allocated to them, but instead animals walk freely in very large exhibits for you to see. The zoo is so extensive, that most people visit it for a few days; in fact, admission is for two full days. Start your holiday with a car rental Sydney or a car hire Brisbane.

Because it is so large, many opt to rent bikes to see it all, or there are also 6-seater buggies available that in effect are golf carts. There are so many wonderful exhibits that you will have a problem saying which your favorite one is.

Many people’s favorite is either the siamung apes, or the otters. The Siamung apes, when being fed actually put on a show for those watching. The zoo keepers say that they are marking their territory, but laughter emanates from the crowds all the time. Kids, especially delight when the otters are fed, as they skitter along to get to their favorite meal, prawns.

The Koalas are simply adorable. They are of course indigenous to Australia, and you will learn so much about them, such as why their noses are so large, how they use their sharp claws, and why they have such thick fur? All will be revealed at the koala exhibit. Currently, there are 21 koalas at the zoo.

Few people have ever seen sumatran tigers, but here are three of these here who are still cubs. There are two males, Sakti and Kembali, and one female named Kartika. Kartika has the most attitude, and the tigers were actually born at the zoo. The mother is called Jumilah, and their father is named Satu.

The Indian Rhinoceros is incredibly large and is only one horned. When one realizes that they can live up to approximately 40 years, they will be at this exhibit for a good while. Few realize that Rhinos have, unlike many animals, very few body hairs, thus their tail brushes, ear fringes and eye lashes truly stand out when you can view them as well as you can at this zoo.

Cute as cute can be are the Meerkats, who are actually in the mongoose family. They appear to be wearing sunglasses, and actually, all that black around their eyes is to reduce glare of the desert where they make their home. If they are caught in a sandstorm, they can actually close their ears to prevent sand from entering them. Kids especially love Bob, who is the meerkat alpha male. He’s easy to spot as he lost his tail when young due to an infection. All the meerkats, call a troup, watch out for the new baby meerkats born just in February, 2012.

All the way from Mongolia comes Przewalski’s Horse. These horses are the same ones as seen when drawn in prehistoric caves. It has a much bigger head than our modern horses, and a shorter neck, but what makes it really stand out is the dark stripe that cuts it in half from mane to tail. Interestingly enough you will note that their coat changes in colour based on the seasons.

Of course, this incredible zoo has many, many more animals. In addition, you will find that there are many shows presented daily such as the meerkat feed, and the tortoise feed.

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