Getaway to the Gold Coast Hinterlands

Located in southeast Queensland, the Gold Coast Hinterlands are 30 minutes away from the bustling coastal strips and a journey into an area of Australia that is filled with rural plantations and farmlands, vineyards, quaint villages and thousands of square miles of rain forest reserves and national parks. A getaway to the Gold Coast Hinterlands is reached by quiet country roads that open up to magnificent valleys and canyons. These can be enjoyed by horseback riding, hiking; nature trails, hang gliding, air ballooning and four-wheel drive tours or more quietly by visiting the many farmers’ markets and browsing through handmade arts and crafts, just soaking up the natural scenery with nature walks and tasting the offerings from the local wineries. Start your journey with car hire gold coast where you can pickup a vehicle that will suit you.

One of the more popular activities in which to engage while on a getaway to the Gold Coast Hinterlands so as to be able to enjoy to the fullest all of the natural wonders of the area is bush walking. There are hundreds of kilometers of trails and tracks that are well-maintained and go through some of the most beautiful countryside that one could ever hope to see. Lamington has the greatest collection of tracks, with a total of 160 kilometers that offer a range of trails from leisurely walks and strolls to more rugged 22 kilometer hikes through more difficult country. Tours guided by rangers are also available so as to provide greater insight into the local flora and fauna and history of the region.

There are many other attraction’s worth taking in while on a getaway to the Gold Coast Hinterlands. One of them is Tamborine National Park, which is located on a mountain, 560 meters high, and is an oasis of green fields contrasted by rocky outcrops, basalt cliffs and columns and lush rainforests. These many features as well as excellent views of the numerous waterfalls can be enjoyed by the nine walking trails in the Park and by picnics at Witches Falls or the Knoll.

The mountain at Tamborine is host to many other activities that are suitable for families or couples looking for a getaway to the Gold Coast Hinterlands. The Gallery Walk is a street filled with craft shops and galleries that sell items ranging from inexpensive souvenirs to fine art. Coffee shops, cafes and restaurants abound offering a variety of foods depending on one’s appetite and itinerary. At the top of the Gallery Walk are the Witches Cheese Factory and Mount Tamborine Brewery for sampling of the local cheeses and beers. The Adventure Parc on Mount Tamborine is the first ropes and adventure park in Australia and as long as one is 1.6 meters tall can provide hours of fun and fitness in a natural rainforest setting.

Another attraction while on a getaway to the Gold Coast Hinterlands is the Green Mountains section of Lamington National Park. This is an Australia World Heritage Area which has walking trails from one to 22 kilometers that pass through magnificent waterfalls and lookouts and enable the viewing of unique wildlife and fauna.

Away from the coast and sheltered by rainforests, the Gold Coast Hinterlands are an area of Australia that can be enjoyed any part of the year, offering fun and adventure for any type of getaway. If you are flying into the gold coast, start your holiday with a car hire coolangatta to get a vehicle from.

Weekend Away to Nelson Bay (AU)

Nelson Bay, Australia is located in the Tomaree National Park and offers a prime opportunity for dolphin and of course also port in passing whale watching. Other aquatic recreational activities are also available such as diving, surfing and of course fishing. Start your drive journey with car hire Sydney Airport or a car hire Newcastle.

When you spend the weekend away to Nelson Bay, you will wish to visit the Nelson Head Light, which is a lighthouse that was constructed in 1875. Its construction is so unusual that very few visitors can refrain from commenting on it. You see; it is nothing like many other lighthouses, for it has absolutely no tower. It was so constructed that the light would be shone from within the residence of the lighthouse keeper. A few years after this, an octagonal lantern room was attached to the keepers’ home, and eventually the light was electrified, and when it was, it was eventually automated. Finally, in 1995, another change occurred, and that was that the Nelson Head Light became solar powered. The lighthouse was finally shut down in 2003, and thus it then became a maritime museum which many love to visit.

Because Nelson Bay is actually located in Port Stephens, there is much to do there in addition to letting the small children frolic in the calm waters of the bay, or going slightly North of it for the fantastic surfable booming waves that serve as entry to some of the most amazing snorkeling and diving in the world. In addition, you will find four wheel driving adventures are available too!

For the more intrepid, there is also parasailing over Port Stephens. The way that this works is that you are pulled and winched along by a high-powered speed boat until you begin to soar behind it. The views while parasailing are totally unparalleled, and coming down you are either winched back into the boat, or you may opt to fall into the water if you so desire. Watching the huge amount of dolphins from high up in the air is an experience of a lifetime!

From Port Stevens, you can arrange for a trip on the waters as well. For instance, you can arrange for deep-sea fishing or simply sightseeing around the coast. Jet skis, and water bikes are also favored by many visitors. Then too you may be interested in canoe or kayak rentals, or you can take a cruise aboard a boat that will take you to one of the most interesting caves, the Princess Margaret Rose Cave.

In addition, Port Stevens offers a plethora of accommodations. One can stay in a hotel, of course, but you will also see farm stays, cottages, villas for rent, bed and breakfasts, as well as apartments for rent for your weekend away. You can even stay in a private house if you so desire.

As for food, there is the usual selection of junk foods, as well as some of the best seafood you can have in Australia. In addition, there are sandwiches, all the way to some of the top steaks available and of course, there are also fish-and-chip shops. Once you’ve been to Nelson Bay, you will return again and again